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California, california, here we come.
i love ur blog!!! do u make the gifs urself??? if you do how do u make them??

thank you :) sorry i don’t have time to upload anymore ! :( and i just use screenshot ;) 

i love your tumblr almost as much as i love the oc ahhahah i feel kinda of special when i find blogs about the oc, its kinda find a friend who likes your fav thing in the world

I know right!! The OC is the absolute greatest! I just graduated high school and right before my graduation I watched the OC season 3 finale when they graduated too LOL :D


So I didn’t realize this blog was hacked but that’s probably because I haven’t logged in in MONTHS. I’m so sorry I was all like I’ll be posting because school’s ending and all that jazz but this summer was crazy and I’m in college now and it’s so hard. I just want to thank the people who told me this blog got hacked I’ll change my password asap and thank you for always reblogging, following and liking these posts even if I can’t screencap all the time. I love love love you and thanks for loving the OC, It’s been FIVE YEARS since it ended and I know we all watch it and love it just as much as we did back then, I know over the summer my best friend and I had an OC marathon, LOVE YOUUUUU :) 

hey love your blog :) i created a tumblog called fuckyeahthe-oc(.)tumblr(.)com, if you wouldn't mind checking that out or following please! thanks :)

thank you! :) love your blog and i followed you :) 

did you ever realize that one of the extras from the very first episode is also in the very last episode? i just noticed that the other day. its a nice little feature :)

really?! aha that’s too cool !! :) 


Just logged on for the first time in months!!! I AM SO SORRY I HAVEN’T UPLOADED ANY NEW POSTS!!!!!! Senior year = 1 semester left so I don’t think I’ll be uploading anything until July :( :( I do have exam break at the end of this month and then spring break so i’ll see what i can do then

I miss you guys. Sorry I haven’t been uploading, so busy with school. I’m trying my best. I’ll make time soon, I promise.